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Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler 01

An adult male Audubon’s Yellow-rumped Warbler

In my December article for Berkeley Hills Living, Montclair Living, and Piedmont Living magazines, I decided to focus on the Yellow-rumped Warbler and the idea that this one species may be split into several. Take a look!

2019.12 BerkeleyHillsLiving_Final2019


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Yesterday, as I was walking across the U.C. Davis campus I heard, and then saw, my first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the fall!  It was a Myrtle’s subspecies foraging in the top of a small eucalyptus tree next to Wellman Hall.  Throughout the winter, the whole town of Davis will be covered with thousands of Yellow-rumped Warblers.  They are a spectacular, ubiquitous, site!  It is a sure sign that fall has arrived.  It will be interesting to see if West Sacramento also get showered with flocks of these birds.

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