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Once a week, I am offering up a tip or action or idea that we can all engage with to work towards living in ways that allow for more health and wellbeing for all aspects of the planet. Last week we talked about pumpkins.

This week the green thought is about voting.

So many candidates, measures, propositions, etc. appear on ballots! How do we all decide where to cast our votes? Candidates have a range of opinions when it comes to science and the environment. Measures and propositions also represent a range of impacts in terms of science and the environment. These various individuals and pieces of potential legislation can have huge impacts on our world depending on which are supported and allowed to hold power.

A voting booth in the foreground with more blurred voting booths in the background.
Voting can send a strong message that science and the environment are important issues. Photo: ACLU

So, vote green! We can all make sure that the candidates we vote for have strong science, environmental, ecological, sustainable priorities. This will help to make those priorities realities at all levels of government from city councils to the President of the United States (though that office in not on the ballot this November). We can also make sure that the measures and propositions we vote to support will also support science and the environment. By helping to elect science-minded candidates, and pass science-focused legislation, we can all show that these are important priorities to “we the people” and make the world a more sustainable place for ourselves and future generations.

What do you think of these thoughts and the solution? Is this a step you will take? Do you have any other solution ideas?

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