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I went out to the Fremont Weir National Wildlife Refuge this morning and spent a lovely few hours before the heat of the day began to sink in.  Saw lots of great birds including, but not limited to, Western Kingbirds that are still paired up even though most have finished breeding, Blue Grosbeaks singing all over the place, a hatch-year Red-shouldered Hawk that flew right in front of me, and an adult Red-tailed Hawk being harassed by a Red-winged Blackbird.  Among all these bird sightings I did have one really notable mammal sighting.  I was poking around through the underbrush near the edge of a small water way that runs through the refuge and came across a number of small trees that displayed the clear tooth marks of having been chewed through by a Beaver.  A few steps farther, and I saw the Beaver itself standing on the far bank at the waters’ edge.  It was eating some greenery, and when it was finished it walked up the bank, picked another plant, brought it down to the water and swam in pulling the plant in with it.  It only swam for a few seconds before it turned around, came back to shore, and began munching on the, now wet, plant.  I have no idea why it did this rinsing behavior, but it was interesting to see!  After it finished its’ breakfast, the Beaver returned to the water and swam off down the channel.  It really was a very nice morning indeed.

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