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It is Black History Month, and I have been thinking a bit about what I can do as a White scientist, birder, and naturalist, to celebrate the contributions of Black members of these communities. I want to do a small part to lift up the voices of Black environmentalists, climate activists, birders, and naturalists. So, instead of writing a bunch of my own words (and in so doing lifting my own voice instead of the voices of others), I did some poking around online to find Black environmental leaders to draw attention to. Below are links to some lists of Black leaders in the fields of the environmental movement, climate activism, birding, environmental justice, science communication and education, and many other related topics.

These lists are by no means comprehensive, but they include a lot of amazing people doing amazing work. My hope is that you take a few minutes to peruse these lists, and find some individuals who interest you. Learn more about them and the work they are doing. Find organizations they lead or work for and make a donation. Follow them on social media and so support the messages they are working to spread.

So with that, enough from me. Black lives matter. Enjoy!

SF Environment – list of Black environmentalists

GreenPeace – list of 8 Black environmental activists

Solstice – list of 20 Black climate activists

The Wilderness Society – list of 7 Black birders

“This earth is more than worth fighting for.” — Amanda Gorman

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