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This year, 2018, I have set up a little challenge for myself. The challenge is to see 100 or more species in Yolo County each month. Now, that does not mean that the 100 species of February have to all be different species from the 100 species in January. Rather it means that the total number of species seen in each month should get to a total of 100 or more. So, if I see a Red-tailed Hawk some time in January it gets added to the January list. If I see a Red-tailed Hawk some time in February it get added to the February list.

I am hoping this will help me to notice more details as I search to find that next species for a given month, encourage me to visit more habitat types each month, and highlight the seasonal differences as species come and go from my monthly list. This first few months, I have really been enjoying it, and will share what I see with you as the months go by.

Below is my species list from April. It has a total of 103 species, so I made my target! This month was a bit of a stretch for me to reach the 100 species mark. My family spent more time away from home which meant less time here birding. On the 27th, I was only at 89 species. But, I drove around the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area auto tour route on the 28th and picked up quite a few species including a lot of shorebirds. Some of the highlights from the month were my first Western Kingbird and Caspian Tern of the year, an Eared Grebe that I found at the Port of West Sacramento, a Horned Lark that I happened upon driving through the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, and a handful of Semipalmated Plovers at the same location. A notable and surprising miss for the month was American Kestrel. I really kept my eyes open for this species, but never was able to cross paths with one!

I am now 1/3rd of the way through my challenge, and I am definitely continuing to enjoy it. I am looking forward to seeing what I can find in May!

Here is my April species list.


Species – Yolo County – April
1 Snow Goose
2 Canada Goose
3 Wood Duck
4 Cinnamon Teal
5 Northern Shoveler
6 Gadwall
7 American Wigeon
8 Mallard
9 Green-winged Teal
10 Common Merganser
11 California Quail
12 Ring-necked Pheasant
13 Wild Turkey
14 Pied-billed Grebe
15 Eared Grebe
16 Double-crested Cormorant
17 American White Pelican
18 American Bittern
19 Great Blue Heron
20 Great Egret
21 Snowy Egret
22 Green Heron
23 Black-crowned Night-Heron
24 White-faced Ibis
25 Turkey Vulture
26 Osprey
27 White-tailed Kite
28 Northern Harrier
29 Cooper’s Hawk
30 Red-shouldered Hawk
31 Swainson’s Hawk
32 Red-tailed Hawk
33 Virginia Rail
34 Sora
35 Common Gallinule
36 American Coot
37 Black-necked Stilt
38 American Avocet
39 Black-bellied Plover
40 Semipalmated Plover
41 Killdeer
42 Long-billed Curlew
43 Dunlin
44 Least Sandpiper
45 Western Sandpiper
46 Long-billed Dowitcher
47 Spotted Sandpiper
48 Greater Yellowlegs
49 Ring-billed Gull
50 California Gull
51 Caspian Tern
52 Rock Pigeon
53 Eurasian Collared-Dove
54 Mourning Dove
55 Barn Owl
56 Great Horned Owl
57 White-throated Swift
58 Anna’s Hummingbird
59 Belted Kingfisher
60 Nuttall’s Woodpecker
61 Northern Flicker
62 Black Phoebe
63 Western Kingbird
64 California Scrub-Jay
65 Yellow-billed Magpie
66 American Crow
67 Common Raven
68 Horned Lark
69 Northern Rough-winged Swallow
70 Tree Swallow
71 Barn Swallow
72 Cliff Swallow
73 Oak Titmouse
74 Bushtit
75 Marsh Wren
76 Bewick’s Wren
77 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
78 Hermit Thrush
79 American Robin
80 Northern Mockingbird
81 European Starling
82 Cedar Waxwing
83 Common Yellowthroat
84 Yellow Warbler
85 Yellow-rumped Warbler
86 Wilson’s Warbler
87 Dark-eyed Junco
88 White-crowned Sparrow
89 Golden-crowned Sparrow
90 Savannah Sparrow
91 Song Sparrow
92 Lincoln’s Sparrow
93 California Towhee
94 Spotted Towhee
95 Western Meadowlark
96 Red-winged Blackbird
97 Brown-headed Cowbird
98 Brewer’s Blackbird
99 Great-tailed Grackle
100 House Finch
101 Lesser Goldfinch
102 American Goldfinch
103 House Sparrow



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